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TrustNordisk, based in Copenhagen, has made several deals regarding the Danish thriller “Boundless,” a film which was created from Jussi Adler-Olsen’s novel “Department Q”, and is currently doing well at the box office in Denmark.

The movie will be screened on Feb 17 during the Berlin European Film Market. It’s directed by Ole Christian Madsen (“Banshee”, “Flame & Citron”). Before this event it had already been sold to such companies as Wild Bunch Distribution (France), Vértigo Films (Spain), Frenetic Films (Switzerland), Film Europe Slovakia (Czech Republic), Vertigo Media (Hungary) and Contents Panda (Korea).

“Boundless” is one of six Department Q thrillers produced by Nordisk Film Production Denmark. The company produced “The Marco Effect” with Ulrich Thomsen playing detective Carl Mørck.

Andres Martín from Vértigo Films said: “It’s such a pleasure to handle this amazing ‘Department Q’ saga for Vértigo, and ‘Boundless’ confirms again the power and seduction of this perfect thriller”. He also got the rights for “The Marco Effect” from TrustNordisk.

In Jakob Weiss’ adaptation (“That Time of Year”) of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s book, Carl Mørck gets an assignment together with his colleagues Assad (Afshin Firouzi from Lone Scherfig’s series “The Shift”) and Rose (Sofie Torp from “Carmen Curlers”).

Young cop is sent to Bornholm Island to talk to Christian Habersaat who is an old friend and colleague of Carl Mørck. But when he shoots himself during forced retirement ceremony, she is thrown back into her own traumatic past. Later engaged Carl arrives on the island where they are faced with their new cold case; girl found dead hanging from a tree.

According to the plot of “Boundless” (based on Adler-Olsen’s book “The Hanging Girl”, which is the sixth in his “Department Q” series), Mikael Rieks and Malene Blenkov produced it for Nordisk Film Production Denmark with participation of Germany Nadcon Film, Denmark Hyæne Film and Latvia Münchhausen Productions.

Since its Feb.1 release date in Denmark, “Boundless” sold more than 152,000 tickets. This is the best result among all theatrical releases of 2024 so far. TrustNordisk will also present other films from Scandinavia at European Film Market: Sundance-selected “Handling the Undead,” WWII action drama “The Arctic Convoy” and period epic “Stockholm Bloodbath.”

Netflix plans to create a TV show based on popular crime franchise ‘Department Q’, with Scott Frank who worked on ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ as a showrunner.

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