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Demise Review

The movie is about Caleb, a Latino gardener who has fallen in love with Fiona, an up and coming fashion designer. He’s also married to Celine. The film begins with an erotic thriller feeling that hooks you into this world of forbidden desires and heightened emotions.

Celine wants to start a family with Caleb so bad that she even tries to have sex during her ovulation period in order to conceive. It becomes clear that their differing beliefs on how soon they should start having kids could tear them apart altogether, Celine’s desire for a child with him adds another layer of emotional complexity to their relationship which only serves to underscore what would happen if he cheated.

But let me tell you about Crystal Hernandez as Fiona she absolutely kills it! There was not one moment where I did not believe that this woman was completely head over heels for Caleb and willing to wait for him forever if necessary.

Eventually Celine finds out about his affair with Fiona and not only that but she’s pregnant too which might be Caleb‘s firstborn causing them split up. Caleb starts new life together with Fiona and Celine becomes obsessed with getting back what she thinks is rightfully hers.

Liz Fenning gives such an amazing performance playing Céline, the range of emotions shown by the character throughout the story is incredible. The script also cleverly employs flashbacks so we can see how their relationship started this adds more depth into it all being just a romantic drama turning itself later on into suspenseful thriller because revenge happens when you least expect it.

Demise deals mainly around obsession, revenge and manipulation making us wonder at times what justice means really? This two women against each other situation works well in Lowe‘s script where both seem right from different sides leaving audience divided between loyalties.

The narrative explores the boundaries crossed by a scorned woman who wants nothing more than to make others pay for what they’ve done. It also touches on obsession, revenge and manipulation making the viewers question how far will Céline go or is this all worth it really?

Yara Estrada Lowe does a fantastic job with her screenplay as she manages to show both women’s extremes while still keeping us guessing which side we should be on throughout.

I must say that she did an amazing job with the casting for this film, especially when it came down to the three leads. All of them were incredible in their own right but there was something about Liz Fenning’s portrayal of Céline that just had me captivated every single time she was on screen.

This is not only because Yara Estrada Lowe knows what buttons to push at exactly the right moments throughout her script building up suspense until its climax point and never letting go afterwards but also because of those casting choices made by her.

Though the movie is consistently intense, sometimes it slows down and leaves things hanging, particularly with who saw Fiona die. Still, these small errors hardly spoil such a good experience.

“Demise” is true to its indie roots by being aware of what kind of film it is and never straying from that. It embodies all the qualities one would expect in a dark thriller intensity, unpredictability, and so on. Even during quiet moments there’s always something threatening about to happen you can’t relax until after the last frame fades to black.

In short, this first feature by Yara Estrada Lowe is hard to put down. The performances are excellent across the board; the story keeps you guessing until the end, revenge has seldom been this sweet or fraught with peril.

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