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Earthquake Underground Review

After destroying Washington DC in DC Down, The Asylum is back with another Tubi Original which will shake the Earth, Earthquake Underground. This time it is not about national security and the setting has been lowered as well. How much lower? Several hundred feet below the ground. That’s also where my expectations were when I sat down to watch it.

In the opening moments of this movie, an earthquake manages to drop The Armada Hotel several hundred feet downwards. Luckily, it’s under construction so there are only a few people in it when this happens including Brian (Matthew Gademske; Transmorphers: Mech Beasts, Colored White) and his girlfriend Amy (Angela Cole; The Hunting, A Roommate to Die For). He knows she’s diabetic but not that she’s pregnant.

There are also two architects Deb (Jenny Tran; 8 Found Dead, Attack on Titan) and Joe (Pakob Jarernpone; The Murders of Brandywine Theater, Puppet Master: Doktor Death) Reese (Houston Rhines; Piranha Women, Angels Fallen), who is in charge of the project and various victims to be.

You can probably figure most of what follows out aftershocks whittle down group of survivors along with elevator malfunctions and other cheap-to-stage accidents before splitting up said group leaving Brian and Amy desperate to find each other etcetera etcetera. Actually, Brian should be easy enough to find since he spends most of his time in utility room trying get emergency generators running which is even less exciting than sounds.

If nothing else I have give director Brian Nowak (Megalodon Rising Bullet Train Down) and writer M.L. Miller (Shark Waters) credit for keeping things moving at least they do happen often even if what happens frequently stupid like finale that sees survivors reach roof only to be threatened by water seems come from nowhere and rise nearly instantaneously to roof height I was only mildly surprised there wasn’t Megalodon swimming around it.

But things do happen frequently, and Earthquake Underground boasts considerably fewer long, talky scenes than a lot of Asylum movies. It is not much but does help alleviate some tedium making it marginally less painful sitting through than many films which come off their production line. At least it’s something.

There aren’t many effects in Earthquake Underground because most of the action takes place inside building, so they are saved for the beginning and end of the film. And these are weak CGI effects that you would expect from The Asylum with characters being chased by water and climbing up rope ladder onto rescue chopper looking particularly bad. Gore effects are limited to some blood which actually looks like it may have been practical as opposed computer generated for once.

Earthquake Underground cannot be called a good movie but I must say that it is not as bad as I thought it would be, in fact it is better than any other Tubi Originals produced by The Asylum or any other company for that matter. If you are a fan of The Asylum or can tolerate their low-budget movies then you might enjoy this one. Otherwise, you may want to watch 1974 Earthquake which has stars and is considered one of the best disaster films ever made.

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