Frankenstein: Legacy (2024)


Frankenstein: Legacy Review

Upon Victor Frankenstein’s death on a boat in the Arctic, his diary falls into the hands of a swarthy sailor, who passes it along until it winds up with Millicent Browning (Juliet Aubrey), a rebellious scientist and noble wife of bedridden Robert (Philip Martin Brown). But Robert dies anyway though not before associates of P.T. Barnum beat him senseless in search for Frankenstein’s diary to display in his circus. While her children William (Matt Barber) and Clara (Katie Sheridan) voice their disapproval of her research, they realize that Millicent has brought Robert back to life, however, the monster that rises seems to be not their fallen patriarch, but rather another unfortunate victim of Frankenstein’s fight against death.

FRANKENSTEIN: LEGACY plays like Mary Shelley’s tale by way of DOWNTON ABBEY. The production value on this period piece is pretty strong everything looks and feels authentic to the era in which this story takes place. So you’ve got horse and carriages, cobblestone streets, authentic dress there really seems to be an effort made here to make this look like something big.

And the acting comes together as well. I’ve said before that my bias tends toward British film the accent just makes everything feel elevated and proper and well acted so I’m not as good at sniffing out bad Brit acting as I am stateside; still, everybody here is convicted in what they’re doing. Also, even if all these noble people seem to hate each other, the script is quite barbed; there are some cleverly phrased lines spoken between them all. In every way possible though FRANKENSTEIN: LEGACY feels like what you’d find happening on an ongoing soap-opera lot somewhere with much anger thrown around family members & their servants alike; noticing this fork-tongued dialog, found myself paying more attention to the lines than I usually do in hopes not to miss any especially dank zingers cloaked as pleasantries.

Where things get a little more mundane is the story itself. For all intents & purposes, this is FRANKENSTEIN with different characters Millicent makes all the same mistakes Victor Frankenstein made. Of course the monster is less than human & while there’s a bit of a twist as Millicent brainstorms through the problems she’s having with it requiring her to continue repairing her monster with newer fresher parts it’s still your pretty standard Frankenstein tale.

While most Frankenstein stories are period pieces, FRANKENSTEIN: LEGACY leans into this aspect harder than most giving it an air of authenticity and little bit of that distant haughty-ness to its characters. If you don’t mind the PBC period piece atmosphere and love the FRANKENSTEIN story as much as I do I think you’ll find FRANKENSTEIN: LEGACY pretty entertaining.

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