Johnny Puff: Secret Mission (2024)


Johnny Puff: Secret Mission Review

The first glimpse of Johnny Depp’s upcoming animated feature Johnny Puff: Secret Mission has been revealed. The movie, directed by Nestor F. Dennis based on the characters of the Puffin series, sees the return of these heroes as they face off against Otto von Walrus once again. Although it has already been sold in many European markets ahead of next week’s American Film Market, a North American release date is expected to be set for early 2024.

In the new images we are reintroduced to Tic, Tac, Didi, Pi and Johnny as well as their colourful animated world. Two images show Johnny with his signature guitar front and centre while another shows Tic, Tac, Didi and Pi with very mischievous expressions on their faces. The 3D animation looks fresh and appealing not just for kids but adults too.

The film brings back the four inseparable friends Tac the brainy one, Didi the most vain one out of them all, Pi the giant one of the group and Tic who is littlest member of them all along with Johnny who is a retired rockstar. Together they will save Taigasville village from villain Otto von Walrus’ evil destructive plans.

What to Expect From ‘Johnny Puff: Secret Mission?’

With a simple plot combined with antics from the group like recycling as well as environmental protection themes this film will certainly attract young viewers’ attention along side their parents. Depp’s portrayal has been said to be seamless because he uses an idiosyncratic dialect that mixes real puffin sound with his own voice which makes him sound like any other animated character he plays.

The actor has starred in many successful animated features such as Rango where he voiced its lead role alongside Isla Fisher who played Beans while also being part Corpse Bride where apart from lending her voice she portrayed Victoria Everglot among others, Moreover besides working Johnny Puff: Secret Mission this year saw return big screen alongside Maiwenn who takes on titular role Jeanne Du Barry where they will star together as Louis XV and queen consort respectively during their reign over France from 1715 until 1774, The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival this year. Depp is also currently directing his next project which is a biopic about Amedeo Modigliani called Modi.

Produced by Cristobal Rodriguez and Nestor F. Dennis of Melies Producciones along with US companies WWPS and Evolution, Johnny Puff: Secret Mission also has Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment on board as producers. There is no release date yet for the animated feature, but stay tuned for updates.

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