Look to the Light (2024)


Look to the Light Review

Actually, I wasn’t the true fan. My wife was. I might watch a wrap-up every now and then but she’s the one who would binge. Binge like watching every show ever aired about it, streaming episodes live when that became possible, spending small fortunes on three day old British papers while we were in France on holiday or whatever. But what struck me is that “regular” people are becoming “celebrities.” Before now my notion of ordinary people becoming celebrities ran more toward the Beyond The Fringe/Monty Python/Goon Show team sort of people.

Look To The Light is about this kind of entertainment value. In this movie the show is called Love On The Rocks and Eddie Reynolds (Charlie Goddard) is supposed to be a contender on it. Eddie is your typical late teen/early twenties jack the lad; cocky as hell and twice as indestructible, the kind of guy who thinks he’s god’s gift to women for no other reason than he can’t see why he wouldn’t be. January comes around and it’s six months since New Year’s Eve so that night he takes his girlfriend Lauren Kelly (Lily Blunsom-Washbrook) out to dinner to celebrate but because he has everything going for him – fitness, looks, confidence – instead of her paying him back with a blowie like any other bloke would get after such a display she says she’ll get it next time then goes to Take A Little Time For Herself.

On their way home, Eddie’s brother Wesley (Cole Dilley) blocks them. He is bouncing with excitement and saying that there are TV cameras at their house and it looks like he’s been accepted for “the show”. They realize that if he is being recruited then he needs to be single and Lauren is unceremoniously thrown out of the car and told to walk home. Back at home, the shows host Mickie Martell (Kele Le Roc) bounds in and Eddie’s family go crazy with excitement. Every one of them assumes that Love On The Rocks is a stepping stone to fame and fortune. It’s just unfortunate that Eddie has to be single. Eddie’s mum (Lucy Benjamin) is perfectly happy for Lauren to be given her marching orders.

But there’s a lot more going on in Lauren’s life than anyone knows right now…including Lauren! This leads us into a series of ups and downs, some more predictable than others. Family dynamics, criminal records, medical mishaps; they all affect everyone involved. There are arguments and fallings out. They go from being on top of the world as a family to at each other’s throats very quickly. I’d guessed the gist of the ending but not the fine details – Look To The Light kept me guessing until the end for sure!

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