Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run (2024)


Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run Review

Love, Courage and the Battle of Bushy Run (directed by Dave Alan Johnson and Larry A. McLean) is an amazing film based on a true story that you probably haven’t heard of.

It’s 1763 in western Pennsylvania, where American colonies are becoming more restless by the day. Just recently, Britain won the Seven Years’ War also called The French and Indian War which led to France leaving America.

The acting is great all around, but Connolly deserves special recognition for his portrayal of Bouquet’s unyielding bravery and determination. Humble and loyal are two words that come to mind when describing this character; he would rather see peace between British soldiers and tribesmen than start another war that could last decades.

The battle scenes themselves were fantastic; never before have I seen every blow in a fight so clearly portrayed. Slow-motion was used during certain parts so we wouldn’t miss anything as the camera came closer to each warrior involved in combat.

If I had one complaint, it would be that the actual Battle of Bushy Run is over almost as soon as it begins. This might very well have been how things played out in history, so far as we know. But when a movie puts the battle in its title, I expect more prolonged scenes of fighting; and this expectation was not met.

Nevertheless, the buildup to the fight is done well: Bouquet planning and recruiting more troops to help him take Fort Pitt.

The attention to detail in Love, Courage and The Battle of Bushy Run cannot be overstated. The costumes are period-appropriate, as are the locations — so there is a genuine sense of time and place throughout.

What makes it all worthwhile though are these characters who feel like real people rather than two-dimensional stereotypes lifted from other war films — which only adds to the authenticity.

That being said… this is definitely still worth watching; but not perfect by any means:

My biggest issue with this movie was how tribespeople were portrayed. It’s not that they were shown favoritism towards any particular group (although if anything could be said against them it would probably lean towards British). Rather, my concern lies in humanity being stripped away from indigenous peoples altogether. We don’t see enough good sides from them here!

So yes – perhaps this does seem like such an uno-quintilateral film thus disputing its historical accuracy; but then again what can you really expect? At least it’s not one of those old cowboy films where white men were clearly good guys & tribesmen were cold heartless brutes without redeeming qualities!

Love, Courage and The Battle Of Bushy Run tells a tale older than time itself about heroism & sacrifice; however being imperfect should not stop you from finding inspiration within these words spoken or written down on paper!

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