Lover Stalker Killer (2024)

Lover Stalker Killer Review

Lover Stalker Killer


Dave Kroupa, 35, was rebounding after a breakup. Suddenly single and living in Omaha, he downloaded a dating app and met Liz Golyar (likes bowling; enjoys giving the finger to video cameras, according to archival footage), but also believing their relationship to be nonexclusive continued seeing one Cari Farver.

Farver doesn’t take kindly to being told by Dave that she had assured him all she wanted was to have fun together. He writes back that she ruined his life: “I’m going to make sure you regret this.” Somewhere around the time she texts him that she’s pregnant with his twins then loses them both in an accident Golyar’s house burns down.

No one has seen Farver since, except for maybe Kroupa. That would be easier on everybody if his answering-machine light didn’t keep blinking with so many messages from her.

The first question any documentary viewer might ask is why no one involved in these events ever called the police. The answer is they did many times for years on end, and not just because of all the words Golyar spray-painted inside her own house or carved into her own car accusing Farver of being a home-wrecking whore, or because someone once broke into Golyar’s townhouse and replaced all her belongings with dirt. But some crimes are hard to prove.

Some stories are hard to tell. It seems easy enough when anyone involved is a liar.

“Lover Stalker Killer,” directed by Sam Hobkinson for Investigation Discovery, tells a story hard to believe even as it unfolds onscreen over four hours, concluding Sunday night. When investigators finally discovered who killed whom here, it came as such a surprise that Hobkinson wisely gives away the ending at the beginning: This isn’t just about three people who got caught up in something terrible but about how some other people got away with it.

By the end of the first episode, though, if words flash on your screen that read “CARI FARVER,” know that those are not her initials.

The series is a slickly produced whodunit but also a mystery of another kind: How do people get this crazy? We’re told at the beginning that there’s no evidence any of these three were mentally ill. At the end, we’re not so sure.

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