My Nanny Stole My Life (2024)


My Nanny Stole My Life Review

A new mother suspects that her nanny is conspiring to snatch her baby and her husband — but she can’t get anyone to believe her, thanks to the postpartum depression she experienced after her child was born. Stoddard, J., & Eichenberger, K. (2024).

When Molly tells Noah about her hallucinations he gets stressed out and yells at her. He is worried about how much sleep she’s getting and that she hasn’t gone back to work yet. Lindsey is worried too so she goes over to Noah’s to talk about it being postpartum with Molly. (Nanny Nicci sees them hug and gets jealous.) Nicci drinks wine with Noah and tells him she thinks Lindsey is crossing a line. Noah admits that he used to date Lindsey before he was into Molly.

Nobody can help Molly except her group chat, so she goes there. While she is texting, she hears a ding from Nicci’s computer in another part of the house. She finds a red show box with baby pictures labeled Aurora Prince and what looks like a funeral program. Then at the park, Molly takes her daughter from Nicci and drops the baby off at work with a co-worker.

In one of the shoebox pictures, Molly finds an address. It is Nanny Nicci’s mom’s house; the baby’s room is still intact complete with a mobile. Seeing all that she needs to see, Molly knows something is very wrong. She calls work and tells Lindsey that Nicci is a liar and asks her to look into Nicci (Lindsey found A LOT of incriminating evidence).

Nanny Nicci takes the baby from work and breastfeeds her.

Molly rushes home and tells Noah everything. She has to get Nanny Nicci away from her daughter; she must protect her baby. Noah supports his wife. On the baby monitor , Molly hears Nanny Nicci say “I know you’re awake” and then walk outside speaking on it into the garage where Molly is sitting on top of her dead doctor with knife in hand saying “I had no choice”.

Nanny Nicci has a syringe full of yellow stuff which she tries to stick Molly with unless she gave her the baby but when molly handed it over to nicci it was only stuffed animal wrapped in blanket . And then molly pushed nanny nicci down stairs screaming “ I WOULDN’T LET YOU TAKE MY BABY YOU BITCH!!!!!”(It’s so pitch-perfect; LOVED IT! Haha)

Lindsey shows up relieved that molly is okay, molly thanks Lindsey for telling her nanny niccis was dangerious but Lindsey has no idea what molly talking about. Molly is being gas lighted by her best friend. Molly catches Lindsey lying when she mentions the baby monitor voices and then molly realizes that Lindsey switched out the grout with formula and killed the doctor.

Lindsey grabs the knife and cuts her arms to frame molly for the doctor and nanny’s murder. She screams at molly for stealing Noah from her and stealing her the life that should have been hers. Just as lindsey about to stab molly, Nicci syringes lindsey with diazepam knocking her out.

Molly goes back to work, noah visits molly at her job with Baby Emma! There’s a nursey in the office now! No nanny needed.

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