Plan B (2024)

Plan B Review

Plan B (2024)

Premiere Entertainment Group, which is based in Los Angeles, has obtained universal rights for the romantic comedy known as Plan B. The film stars Jamie Lee (HBO’s Crashing), who won an Emmy Award and Jon Heder (Blades of Glory, Napoleon Dynamite).

At the forthcoming American Film Market, Premiere Entertainment will launch global distribution of the movie with all territories currently available.

Directed by first-timer Brandon Tamburri from his original screenplay along with Jean Monpere, Plan B tells a story about Piper – a young lady who sleeps with a successful businessman against her better judgment; however, after becoming pregnant following one-night stand with her awkward neighbor she informs him that he is going to become father of her unborn child.

Produced by DJ Dodd (A Day to Die, Last Call) Erika Hampson (The Photographs) and Tamburri himself, The Joke Zero / Future Proof Films pic features other actors such as SAG Award Winner Kate Flannery (NBC’s The Office), Shannon Elizabeth (Jay and Silent Bob franchisee , American Pie franchise), Oscar Nominee Tom Berenger (Major League , Platoon ) among others. Michael Lombardi from FX’s Rescue Me is also part of this ensemble cast along with Subhah Agarwal (HBO’s Westworld ), Daniel K. Isaac (Showtime’s Billions ), NFL star Vernon Davis(A Day to Die , Ritual Killer) as well as A24’s Dicks: The Musical fame Danielle Perez.

Synopsis reads: After having a good time out on town rebel writer piper getting drunk sleeps with her clumsy neighbour Evan then finds herself pregnant when trying tell him she quickly realizes that he isn’t long term material or even for baby. Hearing from publishing exec Jane about deal for dream book being true she needs stable relationship fast so instead hiding pregnancy until can sleep successful man have family should’ve done according best friend Maya but against advice goes wrong direction by keeping it secret while trying sleep more successful guy which lead them having comedic failure after another until they stumble upon Cameron who works as financial adviser regular at café where does everything according plan falls love with him overjoyed.

Everything appears to be going as planned until that’s right, you guessed it! Piper starts second-guessing herself and realizes she could be making the biggest mistake of her life.

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