Rachel Feinstein: Big Guy (2024)


Rachel Feinstein: Big Guy Review

This husband named Peter is a firefighter. That’s why Rachel keeps making fun of him and his profession all the time. If you’re a fireman and don’t like being roasted which I completely understand (sorry for that, but I couldn’t resist), none of these jokes will seem funny to you. But I bet Peter doesn’t mind, and he shouldn’t either. While she continues to bring up his job in every conversation, Rachel also talks about what he’s like outside of work as well. Based on her description, it seems like this guy is kind of a dude-bro. He’s one of those types who doesn’t have feelings (or so they think) and trades bitcoins with his friends who are pretty much the same way. It’s obviously not easy to get through to Peter, especially if you want to talk about your emotions with him seriously. But she has her methods Rachel starts narrating her life like it’s some British classic novel or something. Not only does it always work, but it also makes a perfect joke too.

I want to go back to the firefighting husband for a second, because that’s what Rachel does throughout this whole set. It’s hard to pick which joke is the funniest on the subject. Is it the one where she says Peter literally gets excited about fires every time he hears about one? Or is it the one where the families of firefighters are having a get together and the vibe is so tense you could cut it with a knife?

While Rachel really kills with her jokes on marriage, I mean, not really. They’re not unfunny, they’re just either something you’ve heard before or they’re not making you laugh. But I did like when she talked about Instagram monologues yes, those are so many women posting about their perfect heavenly marriages, yes I know what you’re talking about and she didn’t forget to mention how absolutely clueless said women’s husbands are.

Rachel’s mom’s name is Karen. Which sucks for her because she couldn’t be more opposite than that: liberal, free thinking, unintentionally hilarious Karen who is also a boomer along with her husband but they’re still cute though and Rachel has good jokes about them. The Netflix bit where Karen allegedly sends an email to Netflix telling them to watch her daughter’s program is gold. Going out of her way to stand with marginalized people all in good spirits though is also something Karen does which obviously sets up more jokes. Also Rachel doesn’t let up on Peter’s parents either although they are very different from her own parents they do give her a lot of material. Like when my mother-in-law compliments and insults me at the same time lol Not to mention Peter’s father having “private” conversations with me about having kids it really completes old people in my life segment!

So Rachel Feinstein: Big Guy checks all the boxes of being good stand-up set which mainly includes being funny and also relevant which Rachel does easily because she’s able to get the jokes out of her own life she doesn’t hold onto anything and there isn’t any constructive begging or explosive ending. The final joke where she talks about performing these jokes at the Hebrew Home for Ageing (Feinstein is Jewish, and there are quite a few Jewish jokes as well) only to have the audience react in a different way is not the kind of content you usually end your thing with. But it fits so well with the overall laid-back style of this comedy special which I really liked.

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