Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband (2024)

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband Review

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband


The story revolves around a young woman named Cora who goes from being a billionaire heiress to having nothing after her father dies and her mother falls ill, leaving her with no money and no choice but to find a job. While struggling to make ends meet and pay for her mother’s medical bills, she is shunned by her former high society friends. However, everything changes when an unexpected hero sees through all of this and sweeps her off of her feet. In an act of extreme generosity, a heartless billionaire saves the day for Cora granting her with another opportunity at life. Against all odds they fall madly in love showing that love can conquer all things even rich and poor.


Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband is a romantic drama series about Cora Lane who experiences two traumatic events; her family losing everything due to bankruptcy followed shortly afterwards by her fiancé Easton breaking up with because he fell out of love with . This leaves Cora’s life shattered into pieces which she tries hard throughout the show to put them back together again but little does she know that fate has something else stored up in plan for her. As if out nowhere Byron suddenly appears offering job openings along with massive amounts money needed urgently by anyone like herself.

Follow the miniseries “Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband” as it takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride through resilience, compassion, love lost and found unexpected relationships.

Snatched a Billionaire to be My Husband (2024) – Plot

Cora Lane sits alone at pub drowning sorrows after boyfriend Easton takes back engagement ring when he finds out about parents’ bankruptcy; while chatting friend Byron catches eye across room- making bold move she reveals breakup kissing him passionately unknowing uncle slept together night before – regretting next morning upon waking up beside him; three weeks later getting call from hospital saying mom woke up coma caused stroke.

With mother in hospital bed fighting for life, Cora needs to find $50k by the end of the month or she could lose everything. Frantic and desperate, Cora turns to her ex-fiancé Easton pleading with him for help, but all he does is throw every single insult he can think of at her. Easton’s new girlfriend Mia walks over holding Cora’s old engagement ring in front of her face and tells people how pathetic they are compared to them.

Byron steps in when Mia becomes physically threatening towards Cora, surprising everyone including himself, giving her a job as his assistant and loaning fifty thousand dollars so that she can keep up with payments on mom’s medical bills- ultimately helping put back together shattered pieces of life.


Cora Lane

Cora was once a rich young woman a billionaire heiress, even. But then her dad killed himself after their family went broke, and now she’s just heartbroken. Her fiancé Easton dumped her after they’d been engaged for years, and then her mom had a stroke. She’s been called every name in the book since everything went down.

It’s not easy to see the man you planned to marry move on within weeks of your very public breakup. Especially when that man is the only reason anyone ever thought you were interesting before tragedy made headlines. Cora’s always had an impulsive streak, so nobody was surprised when she ended up at Byron’s that night.

Byron Hansen

Byron Hansen is L.A.’s richest man (and Cora’s ex-fiancé’s uncle) for good reason: He’s charming AF and has more charisma in one balled-up handkerchief than most people have in their whole bodies. Everyone knows he doesn’t do long-term relationships, which makes it even weirder when he sleeps with Cora at Easton’s bar mitzvah party of all places. But then he keeps being nice to her like, too nice so much so that she starts wondering why.

He got her the job because she couldn’t afford not to take it. He gave her money for medical bills because she couldn’t afford not to let him. And suddenly this person who could hear the word “no” but never said it started feeling an awful lot like a lifeline.

Easton Patton

Did you really think we’d get through this without talking about Easton? Come on! The guy takes back a ring from his bankrupt ex-girlfriend and gives it to his new fiancée six hours later during intermission at Hamilton. Six hours after that, he dumps that girl too and tells TMZ Cora cheated on him which would be hard given that they hadn’t seen each other since they got engaged and she was busy crying into her hospital bills. She’s doing great, though!


“Snatched a Billionaire to Be My Husband” is a mini-series that’s all about love, betrayal, and why you don’t break up with someone while their mom is in the ICU. It’s also about resilience, but mostly it’s about what happens when you make rich people mad.

The characters are both vulnerable and strong which can sometimes be annoying but mostly just feels like a reminder that even the most privileged among us have been broke enough to steal Splenda packets from Starbucks. It’s also a good reminder of how much nicer rich men are when they’re buying things for you.

If you want a show where everyone talks in riddles and half the time you aren’t sure if they’re even speaking English or just making sounds with their mouths this is not that show! But if you like pretty people getting paid to cry on camera and think all billionaires should be in jail then I guess watch this show?

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