South of Hope Street (2024)


South of Hope Street Review

South Of Hope Street which was written and directed by Jane Spencer, distinguishes itself through its unconventional approach. It is not a typical plot driven film but rather a dramatic science fiction mystery that provides an unusual viewing experience. A general feeling similar to Brazil yet less exaggerated pervades through the entire story. The question that still lingers is does this inherent strangeness captivate viewers or leave them indifferent?

Denise (Tanna Frederick) goes through a constant struggle. Her roommate is kicking her out of a small space in the apartment for a new friend. Denise’s love for poetry and her choice of shoes are disadvantages to her employment chances. She also will not use anything to stop the nausea she feels in this strange land. However, what really frightens Denise is that no one else sees the disaster in the sky except herself alone, however there may be others such as Tom (Judd Nelson) and those few individuals who may have discovered how to escape from this disordered cosmos where loyalties and motives can shift at any moment.

“Her job search has been thwarted by Denise’s love for poetry and her footwear choices.”

The visual aspects of South Of Hope Street are a feast of color. Most of it is in vibrant color, but just a few scenes are in black & white giving them another kind of touch altogether. In certain sequences shot around town, color cinematography seems washed off revealing even polished surfaces’ underlying grime which has an earthy texture and feeling about it unlike any other. On the contrary, black-and-white parts offer comfort and unity they bring warmth to our minds when we look at them. Frank Glencarin’s photography reflects perfectly well on Denise’s emotions throughout the movie.

Frederick’s portrayal of the well-meaning but confused Denise is itself very good, especially when she’s pleading with someone to stay on their couch one minute then throwing books at them the next because they have to leave. Thus, in Nelson’s calm demeanor, all those watching may begin piecing together the mystery of what sort of universe this is and how it has become like this. Michael Madsen does his usual charming but odd Benjamin Flowers part. He manages to get the biggest laugh out of everybody who was just about halfway through the movie.

South Of Hope Street seems like a hazy dream you cannot remember the details or understand them properly but overall, it feels like something new, unexpected and very much welcome. The cast is good, film looks great and thematic elements are used well here. So sit down, prop up your feet, and take it all in.

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