Tell That to the Winter Sea (2024)


Tell That to the Winter Sea Review

It takes a while to realize that life is all about learning, growing and changing. It’s about heartbreaks and how to deal with them. Each step brings new challenges, making you wonder if you will ever get where you want to be. In Jaclyn Bethany’s reflective drama, Tell That to the Winter Sea, this sentiment is beautifully expressed in the touching story of two characters who are grappling with their pasts, Jo (Greta Bellamacina) and Scarlet (Amber Anderson).

There have been many films made about female friendships or relationships but few capture their essence and Tell That to the Winter Sea is one such film. The deeply affecting movie starts with bride to be Jo (Bellamacina) waiting for her school-time friend and first love Scarlet (Anderson) on a girls’ trip to a country manor house reading a book. We soon learn that this trip is meant as a celebration of Jo’s upcoming marriage but once they meet it becomes an emotional discovery/undertaking through unresolved emotions festooned journey even though other members of the group try create festive atmosphere around them both girls can’t help deal still with each others shared past.

Written and directed by Jaclyn Bethany the film does an amazing job at navigating the tricky landscape of past vs present feelings through its leads’ eyes and one reason why this movie feels so personal is because how real it looks. We’ve all had our hearts broken in love at some point sometimes we move on but other times we keep searching for answers by going back over those moments again both central characters in Tell That to the Winter Sea try show they have moved on when really opposite has happened shows this brilliantly Meanwhile script consists mostly heartfelt dialogue mixed introspective moments too often unspoken for us audience members may not notice anything wrong until second third maybe fourth viewing actually says something about everything going around between these two women & what happens when you reconnect your first love after years apart.

Another thing that makes Tell That to the Winter Sea such a great movie is its stunning cinematography. The beautiful shots really help bring out emotions in people and it feels as if you are there with them on their journey through each frame.

In terms of acting both leads give phenomenal performances throughout film especially Greta Bellamacina who plays Jo her acting skills were truly tested when she had show us how much pain can be hidden behind fake smiles but still make audience believe it so all credit goes this actress because she did an excellent job portraying such complex character like this one too often we see actors overact while trying convey similar emotions never happens here which makes everything even better Somehow Amber Anderson also manages do same thing except instead hiding pain behind smiles shows us every bit and piece of what’s going inside head heart at any given moment during runtime definitely deserve recognition chemistry between these two stars was simply out world made shared scenes very strong powerful but poignant

The cast of supporting characters Josette Simon, Jessica Plummer, Tamsin Egerton and Bebe Cave is just as interesting and gives more depth to the story.

Tell That to the Winter Sea is a well made movie overall which provides a warm reflective perspective on love, emotions and friendship. There are themes about how we spend our days that run throughout this film; it handles moving on with sensitivity because sometimes it’s hard while other times it’s sweet. It was deeply moving and will stay with me forever as one of those movies you can’t stop thinking about. For anyone who enjoys watching films that make them feel something Tell That To The Winter Sea is for you.

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