The Thundermans Return (2024)

The Thundermans Return Review

The Thundermans Return

The movie begins in Metroburg, where the city is being threatened by a swarm of meteors. Some random citizens start to freak out and ask if there are any superheroes who can save them. When one person says, “We don’t just need one; we need more,” it cuts to the T-Force lined up heroically as they disperse and each say their superhero names first Phoebe and Max, the co-captains of the team, each take down a meteor in their own way.

Now at their Metroburg home, they’re celebrating another successful mission. Max is live streaming with his fans when Phoebe knocks his phone out of his hands. Billy then hits the penguin butler revealing a new photo of the new T-Force team. Nora then says how they don’t live double lives anymore like when they were in Hiddenville, and as Barb gets everyone excited for family night, Phoebe goes that they have to debrief about the mission first. Everyone gets mad and Phoebe starts with Nora saying she should ricochet her eye lasers to give them more power, which she does destroying Phoebe’s tablet.

Cut to Chloe, Phoebe and Max all playing a board game at the table except Phoebe is too fixated on how she’s a shoo-in for Superhero of The Year and Max is fixated on how he was rated “Cutest super-Bachelor.” Billy wants to video chat with their new friends and Nora says they haven’t made any because of their demanding lifestyle. Hank made chili and is trying find a butt groove while Barb mentions its nice to finally have a family night.

Then there’s a crime alert. Barb thinks it’s about Hank trying find his butt groove. Phoebe says it’s an actual crime, then Max tries to access the crime lab but runs into the wall because he had the TV remote. Phoebe then reveals the Crime Lab and pinpoints where the crime is happening. They pull up the street camera and notice that a villain named Blue Flame is robbing the Metroburg Bank. Phoebe and Max say they should take this crime alert, Hank and Barb are upset because they agreed to a Family Night and say let another team take it. Barb asks the assistant who’s on call tonight, and it replies “V-Team” in which Max then pulls up their profile, which reveals a flashy video of their team. Max and Phoebe then determine they are taking this crime alert and order for rest of family to suit up, despite the family night promise.

Phoebe commands T-Force to close off all exits at the scene of the crime. She waves to Blue Flame and gets attacked before she can finish her sentence. Max straps on a jetpack and flies away. No one else has a clear shot except for Max, who takes a selfie with the sky in the background and claims he was photobombed by the V-Team. They tell T-Force they can stand down, but Phoebe and Max say no. Phoebe tells Nora to fire when ready; Nora says the suit looks laserproof, but Phoebe tells her to take the shot anyway, so she does, but it ricochets off Blue Flame’s suit and hits Max’s jetpack instead, spiraling him out of control until he crashes into a giant donut that falls onto a member of the V-team. Blue Flame tries to run away but then gets zapped with some plasma blast thingy and captured by the V-team instead. Then Max lands, and everyone is like “Bummer.” Thunder assistant beeps from home base: Super President Kickbutt is three minutes away. Nora makes up some crap about how there’s no way President Kickbutt could’ve heard about their failure already or whatever, but then President Kickbutt enters.

President Kickbutt fires them because according to rule 379.c paragraph 7 sub-subsection 3 anyone who injures a Supe in the line of duty must be fired immediately on pain of death or whatever even though they’re literally the most successful team in superhero history so far this century blah blah blah you gotta leave right now don’t let your capes hit you on your way out never come back etc etc etc stop trying to make fetch happen also even though we caught blue flame which none of y’all could do ever apparently unless it involves knocking over two-ton donuts am i right max hank barb where are they supposed to go.

(back in Hiddenville.) The Thunder Monitor beeps: “Welcome back, Thundermans. Would it have killed you to say goodbye?” (since they didn’t say goodbye at the end of Thunder Games when they left to become T-Force). Chloe: “It looks exactly the same.” Hank: “It’s like we never left.” Max and Phoebe still upset about being fired, tell what actually happened. Barb tells them to make the best of it. Max stares at photo of them in their supersuits and says “Stop mocking me,” then switches back to photo of them in normal clothes showing Penguin Butler works again. Nora and Billy excitedly skip offscreen talking about how fun actual high school will be now that they’re finally going this year and also did Chloe mention clothes shopping earlier because if not let’s retcon that into her storyline right here thanks I’m imagining a montage right now anyway Hank happy his butt groove is back walks away

Phoebe doesn’t know what to do now that they aren’t superheroes anymore. They were her whole life since she came here to Hiddenville. Max says they’re still superheroes because they still have powers. He uses his telekinesis to bring an energy bar over, takes a bite, then spits it out (Max: Three years old). Max talks about how the V-Team are already regretting their jobs. Phoebe thinks it’s because they can never live up to the T-Force legacy, but Max says it’s because he put glue on all the toilet seats. Max is happy he has his lair back and goes down his slide.

At the bottom of the slide, Max sees Dr. Colosso having a party with a bunch of different animals. They realize there’s a human & run away before Dr. Colosso realizes he’s there too (surprised when Max says hey) (Dr C: What is HE doing back?). Says V-Team replaced them & Phoebe comes down (Colosso tries to be sympathetic towards Phoebe). It grosses both of them out as they’ve always had a poor relationship with each other. Phoebe goes onto saying “How she wants to help people here in Hiddenville” & then Colosso states “How THEY should incite fear and terror with their superpowers” (since he’s a villain). She uses telekinesis to pour a bowl of chips over Dr C’s head & leaves(Max decides to use his superpowers to get job/ help rebuild max band)

The next morning Barb and Hank are so happy that they’re making breakfast and being family again. Billy and Nora grab waffle on way-out-Hank slows them down saying “What is the rush”. Billy and Nora are eager for friends to make/friends fit with Essentials of cool teen clothes Ways start conversations Beef jerky. They then leave and Barb asks Nora if “she needs a bow for school” Nora says “No thanks” & lasering the bow (shows she has finally outgrown her bows surprising considering Who’s Your Mommy episode). Barb turns all attention to Chloe who is learning how to skateboard when Hank and Barb start freaking out that their kids may not need them to protect them anymore, then freak out when Chloe uses the toaster.

At Hiddenville High, Nora and Billy finally meet Principal Bradford, who welcomes them until he notices their last name is Thunderman. He starts to freak out and offers to pay them off to not attend Hiddenville High as his life has been going great- ever since Max & Phoebe left he moved out of the lockers, got back together with Janet & grew an awesome ponytail. When they say “they can just stay out of his way” Bradford gets visibly upset. They agree not to use superpowers until some girls overhear that their last name is Thunderman- ask if they have superpowers-Nora starts showing off her laser eyes

Phoebe meets Cherry at Splatburger and they are happy to see each other. They take a selfie together and Cherry says “How she was holding auditions for a new Phoebe, but no one is working out”. Then they go sit at the table and Phoebe says “how she wants to get a job where she helps people”. Cherry says she has a job where she helps people and shows her Splatburger shirt. Then Cherry says how they should work together and Phoebe doesn’t want to work for Mrs. Wong. Cherry claims Mrs. Wong has changed and then Mrs. Wong is surprised to see Phoebe back and says how “it brings back a lot of bad memories”. Phoebe tells Cherry “I thought you said she was different now” and Cherry replies “I mean she lost the accent; she is still really mean”. Phoebe asks for a job and Mrs. Wong accepts but not for the right reasons. Max walks in with his band as Cherry and Phoebe walk into the kitchen. Max has rejoined the band, at the expense of their old lead singer, Grandpa Giddy. After Max talks about how terrible the food used to be, the fries get sucked back up the tube since Mrs.Wong installed microphones at every table to shut down complainers.He started a new business called “Superpowers by the Hour,” where he uses his powers to help people with odd jobs.He takes a job as Grandpa Giddy drops his phone in soda.

At Metroburg Super Jail Dark Mayhem, King Crab, Strongdor are playing Jenga when King Crab knocks it over.They are visited by V-Team who tell them that they’re in charge now after they got Thundermans fired from Hero League headquarters revealing their true identities:Dark Mayhem Jr., She-Crab,and Krondor (Dark Mayhem’s son,King Crab’s Daughter, Strongdor’s son).With Thundermans out of the picture, the villain fathers think their children are releasing them to resume their outdated evil plan. The V-Team is doing their own plan to create an army of supervillains worldwide with a secret item that Hero League has been guarding for 100 years.

As Max and Phoebe return home from their jobs they say work was awesome before immediately in unison saying they have to get their superhero jobs back.They try to persuade their family to form the Tree Force with apple tree costumes.The family doesn’t want to be the T-Force anymore because Max and Phoebe always put superhero glory above family and never spent time with them.After the twins argue about Phoebe wanting to be the best and Max’ desire for fame, they each decide to get their jobs back individually.In the process thanks to Colosso Max runs a Facial Recognition App on the V-Team & discovers truth about V-Team and parentage. Phoebe did too and realizes what the V stand for.If they expose V-Team,they’ll be fired and Thundermans get jobs back!

Nora is a big hit with the student body at Hiddenville High. Billy tries sharing some beef jerky with a potential new friend, but when that doesn’t work he wins over the students with his Super Speed instead. As he deflects her lasers with a tray, Nora attacks him for stealing her new friends and accidentally zaps off Bradford’s ponytail.

The V-Team is on the hunt for the secret item, said to be guarded by Hank – the Hero League’s longest serving hero. Phoebe infiltrates HQ but Max is already there. The secret item they were looking for isn’t found by the V-Team but they do find keys to the Hero League’s mega yacht and designer utility belt closet. Max and Phoebe are shocked they didn’t know about these things in their time as the T-Force but express it a little too loudly. The twins are seen hiding behind the couch by Mayhem Jr., who She-Crab lifts it up, exposing them. Busted!

Hank and Barb borrow a helicopter from Blobbin so that they can watch Chloe closely while she’s at the skate park with her friends since she still so clearly needs them to be there lovingly watching over her every second of every day of forever until she turns 30 So spying on her they let them keep it because he’s rich and has 18 more helicopters but no pilots. The newest model of Blobcopter is completely pilotless it works by dropping ladder for Blobbin to climb on board within 15 seconds–he gets stuck as it flies away. Hank and Barb are watching Chloe from helicopter everything is so far so good Hank orders some Splat Shakes, for delivery with giant slingshot—they spill as he catches them, short-circuiting helicopter which crash lands in front of skate park; Hank & Barb run away after Chloe confronts them.

With Max and Phoebe captured, the V-Team reveals what the secret item they’re looking for is the Power Plant. Which Max and Phoebe know nothing about. Ancient villagers who ate seeds of this mysterious plant were granted superpowers. With no further use for them, the V-Team takes them to Mayhem Cafe (Dark Mayhem’s old lair dedicated to his hatred of the Thundermans) in Hiddenville departs for Hiddenville to get Power Plant out of Hank leaves Max and Phoebe locked in torture booth with pre-programmed personalized torture session; starting with Max’s old gym socks, lightning, & Phoebe’s middle school valedictorian speech.

The V-Team forces the Thundermans to give up their location by showing them footage of Max and Phoebe being tortured. Hank takes the Power Plant from its hiding spot inside the penguin butler that changes family portraits. After testing plants’ legitimacy by feeding red seed to squirrel giving it glowing red eyes & fire breath the V-Team leaves they lied about telling Thundermans where Max and Phoebe are and put up dome over Hiddenville to prevent Hank from following them even Chloe can’t teleport out of dome.

To finish Max and Phoebe’s torment, their cubicle initiates filling up with liquid mercury that won’t be affected by cold or heat breath. In twelve minutes, it will be completely filled, drowning them both. The glass is indestructible even for the twin power of them. Around the motivation behind Max’s want for fame and Phoebe’s pursuit of being the greatest superhero and why their family hated working for them do Max and Phoebe have a heart to heart. They take notice of a bag of party favors left over from one of Mayhem Jr.’s birthdays and blow up the tank with an exploding sushi fridge magnet. Dark Mayhem didn’t stop there; if twins escaped this cafe was rigged to self-destruct in 20 minutes.

Back at home, Chloe finds a blue seed pod left when V-Team took power plant. Red seeds create supervillains while blue ones create superheroes. Almost everyone they know is gathered on edge of dome at Hiddenville Park to ask for help in saving her siblings max & phoebe Mrs Wong & Principal Bradford initially refuse because they hate thundermans but before leaving Chloe reminds that max has always been there for hiddenville so wong needs powers too! Thundermans feed wong bradford cherry oyster gideon Power Plant blue seed giving superpowers then together with their combined powers break hole through dome.

Unable to crack security system to escape mayhem cafe less than a minute before self destruct family teleports in however they cannot teleport out due chloe needing recharge hank punches out keypad shutting down self destruct sequence max saved reconciles need v team fast barb wants seeds rain down on everyone highest point metroberg billy brought sign back school student Mount Metroburg 14,220 feet above sea level.

Almost done top Mt Metroburg V Team’s plan broken dads prison real evil plan ground red seeds into dust launch drone rain red seed dust everyone metroberg create supervillain army rule world give cushy jobs or not. Mayhem Jr about launch drone when zapped thundermans are here after hard fought battle overcoming initial upper hand defeat but mayhem jr launches drone

Hank and Barb hesitate to let Chloe transport someone to the drone, but she convinces them that she can do it. Max and Phoebe succeed in disabling it and removing the seed container with her power. She tells them to get back to the family, but Max and Chloe refuses to leave her behind. The family watches an explosion in the sky, assuming the worst, before Max, Phoebe and Chloe teleport back.

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