Woman with the Red Lipstick (2024)


Woman with the Red Lipstick Review

Based on a true story. Looking for excitement, Lucy and her boyfriend pretend to be different people and act as if they were meeting for the first time in a hotel bar. But then Lucy sees a news report days later about a missing person who happens to have the same name that she used. Starring Rebecca Liddiard and Marshall Williams (2024).

Recap/Wine Thoughts.

Title RIGHT AWAY delivered by this movie. A woman with red lipstick is strangled and left crying on a concrete floor.

We cut to Lucy and her hot boyfriend Roy in Chicago. He is shirtless from the jump, so we are into it! Not only is he fine, but he also brings flowers to Lucy’s job much to the annoyance of her boss Odette. Odette hates Roy it seems like. Even though there’s all this romance, Lucy feels like something is up. He asks her to spice up their relationship with some role-play.

The next day, Lucy gets a gift with a silk scarf and blonde wig. The note inside says for her to show up at Lakeview Bar and say her name is Maggie. Maggie is a bad girl. When tells Odette about this particular date, she thinks it’s okay but also maybe not appropriate for work conversation.

A news story breaks about a missing socialite named Magnolia or Maggie or something like that. Her ex-boyfriend Dan is a suspect in her disappearance, journalist Lucy is freaked out by the story too. She calls Roy asking if he knows her and he hangs up quickly. She pitches her next story off of the missing woman because she wants to learn more information about the case.

Odette gives Lucy the simple yet thought-provoking advice of moving on from Roy who she thinks is trash. It’s what she needs to hear, so she keeps pushing and asking questions. With a silk scarf around her neck, Lucy goes out to ask guys at a fancy bar if they’ve seen Magnolia. Roy shows up there too and wants to know why Lucy is following him. But he forgot he told her about his client and is really only there for a work meeting.

Dan mistakes Lucy for Maggie and she almost pepper-sprays him. But then he offers to set up a meeting with Magnolia’s mother. He tells Lucy that he trusts her and even offers her a ride home which she declines because she doesn’t want him to think she lives somewhere near him when in fact, she lives somewhere near him now. So, as it turns out, she has just given her stalker ample time to stake her out and attack her on the way to her car. She knees him in the balls though, so he lets go and runs off.

Detective Zaddy is BACK AGAIN! He tells Lucy to stop being so stupid.

Zelda (Magnolia’s mom) isn’t open to talking with Lucy when she ambushes her in the parking lot but if Lucille knows anything about Zelda that won’t stop our girl! Zelda demands to know why this girl thinks it’s okay for her snoop around other people’s business like this? She tells us right away that both Zelda AND Magnolia are big on privacy but not big enough for Luxy! And no sooner does Lu decide “Off The Record” is the way we gotta do things today than Zelda starts telling us all about some boy from college who harassed / stalked / raped / kidnapped / killed (???) or whatever else happened between them two back then which leads me onto my next point: HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE THAT MAGNOLIA’S MOM KNOWS SO MUCH ABOUT J.D.

So Dan’s full name is Joshua Daniel Brooksbank…. is her JD?

Odette also tells Lucy that she has to go to the police with the information and then lock herself in her house until they find him… well, she only stays for a short time because then she goes over to Roy’s house?

Roy makes Lucy tea and accepts her apology. Then Lucy gets a phone call from Zelda who just so happens to have suddenly remembered that JD stands for James Dean college stalker went by Jimmy red letterman jacket blah blah blah you know I’m not even gonna bother repeating all this stuff she already said but basically what happens next is: Lulu freaks out, pepper sprays Roy, pulls an axe on him and demands he tell her WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Roy tells Lucy that he was in love with Magnolia in college and then when he saw her at the reunion last year he became obsessed with her again but couldn’t stop thinking about himself playing some role-playing game or whatever so now Lu kicks him in the balls again and screams for Magnolia! (Who we’re assuming is in the house.)

Magnolia is indeed in the house not in the mirror this time! She has on red lipstick though which looks weird on her? I don’t know why I mentioned that here anyway, she runs upstairs real quick & grabs a knife. Then stabs Roy with it before saving Luce from him once & for all which would be great except according to my notes: Roy doesn’t quit chases after them ’til Lucille kicks him down stairs.

The woman with red lipstick reunites with mother asks Luxy TF even are you valid qstn Zaddy’s Detective arrives tells Luxy ISN’T stupid, solved case Odette gets pizza delivered hospital Magnolia agrees 2 interview! The End.

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