Deadbolt (2024)

Deadbolt Review

Deadbolt (2024)

On Tubi, DEADBOLT is a horror-thriller that comes wrapped in an enigma within another. It boasts of stunning production quality coupled with solid acting and great characters nonetheless; but it takes a bit too long to warm up. Full Deadbolt movie review here!

But this also means we can’t trust what we see as it’s her reality. Lots of mind games and interesting characters keep things moving even when the story is very slow-burn.

Read more of our Deadbolt movie review below. Streaming on Tubi from May 11th, 2024.

A fresh start in a new house

The concept of moving into a strange house with a roommate who is essentially also a stranger is perfect for a horror movie. We get to know both the new house and roommate with the main character, which makes it very interesting.

Amelia (Rebecca Liddiard) is our main protagonist looking for a clean slate. After getting out of a bad relationship and struggling with anxiety, she ends up living in a house that might be haunted or where some kind of crime happened – no one knows because the previous tenant disappeared.

Also, she loses track of where her medication is and we’re constantly reminded she needs to take it or she’ll hallucinate. It’s an obvious trick to keep us wondering if what she’s experiencing is real or not.

Lots of mind games

Amelia’s new roommate Melinda (Camille Stopps) is very much free-spirited. A bohemian type who thinks hipsters and gentrification are good things. Also, Melinda is the kind who’s very touchy-feely and all up in her new roommate’s face; lovingly so but still completely ignoring Amelia’s boundaries when it comes to personal space.

Melinda believes firmly that the former roommate simply left on her own accord thus making the hauntedness idea prevalent. But then again, the house has a serious rat problem which could explain most of the weird noises.

We also meet the odd neighbors where the husband Bruno (Bill MacDonald) is always looking for his cat and wife Karla (Kyra Harper) is forever searching for Bruno because he has dementia and tends to wander off.

Also, there’s Amelia’s ex-boyfriend Colin (Joey Belfiore), Melinda’s on-off boyfriend Mark (Thomas Duplessie), and David (Jamie Spielchuk); the man she meets on moving day.

Many people to suspect but also a constant reminder that maybe Amelia can’t trust her own eyes and ears. But yes, all will be explained eventually so Deadbolt ending does feel very satisfying in that sense. Even if you’ve guessed the ending ahead of time (and you probably will have some suspicions early on).

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Deadbolt is directed by Mars Horodyski who also directed Ghostwriter series for Apple TV+. The writer of Deadbolt is Michael Rinaldi who also wrote Tubi Original Meet the Killer Parents (2024).

It’s a MarVista production, they usually make those classic Lifetime or Hallmark movies. However, we’ve seen quite a few thrillers on Netflix and now Tubi from MarVista as well. Some are bad, most are okay while some are actually good.

The production value of Deadbolt is really good. The acting is well done too. However, this tubi thriller requires patience and perhaps then some plot twists could be guessed at. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty fun watch so give it a shot if you’re interested.

I would give Deadbolt 2 and half out of five stars but we don’t do that here so I’m giving it two stars. The story was just too predictable for us to rate higher than that but still definitely worth watching!

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