Finding Faith (2024)


Finding Faith Review

She is attempting to help others through their faith, she is having difficulties with her marriage, her home life, the death of her mother, miscarriage, everything under the sun and asking why do bad things happen,” she said.

Too frequently, these talks feel too fake. When Victoria gets joke after joke from the priest and doesn’t respond by rolling her eyes, it’s not because she’s pretending to be less cynical than she is.

The level of scriptwriting precision with which she writes about her feelings is not how someone would express themselves out loud. They only bring up things when it’s convenient for that plot point. And this, because there is a real need for stories that show Christian characters really suffering.

This is especially poignant because Bratcher said that starting conversations with her non-Christian friends is one of the things she values most about being a part of faith-based films.

“I have friends who have all sorts of different beliefs that range across the spectrum,” Bratcher explained. “And being able to have conversations that are hard, like you said, people ask hard questions. And being able to have a real authentic answer can change people’s lives. And my goal is ultimately to lead people to Christ, but not to preach at them. My goal is to say, here’s what God has done in my life. Here’s what God has done in other people’s lives. Look at the Bible. The Bible is full of stories about people who were just a complete mess, and God transformed their life, and then he used them. And I think it’s important for everyone to know that.”

It feels like a throwback in many ways—cinematography, music and editing are frustratingly substandard in a world where Kingdom Storybook Company has shown that care can be taken with those elements in a Christian film — but I still hold out hope for Great American Pure Flix’s future content quality growths.

For now though; “Finding Faith” is firmly on the low end of modern faith-based film quality — and firmly within what we traditionally expect from Pure Flix: loyal subscribers may find it suitably heartwarming; but those not already subscribed will have to wait a little longer for the platform to give them a good reason to sign up..

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