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Killer Body Count Review

Killer Body Count

Killer Body Count, the latest film from Danishka Esterhazy who made Level 16, The Banana Splits Movie, The Slumber Party Massacre and a number of episodes of SurrealEstate among others, is a slasher movie about sex, religion and dead teenagers. 

It all starts in a tent where two people are having sex and things don’t go quite as planned when someone dressed as a monk with a devil mask on interrupts them. But is it really the seminarian who went crazy and killed all the priests, nuns and kids at school twenty years ago or just somebody taking advantage of that urban legend? We’ll find out. 

Afterwards Killer Body Count shifts to Holy Spirit Catholic Church where Cami (Cassiel Eatock-Winnik The Dark Tower, Kite) has been caught in the basement with a boy. Father Tim her dad who turned to religion after her mother died – is appalled by her sexuality and suggests sending her to The Beautiful Savior Treatment Center, which is run by Eugene (Bjorn Steinbach Inside Man Most Wanted, Black Beauty) and his sister Tawny (Alex McGregor Invasive, Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure). It’s basically religious rehab for young “sex addicts.” 

It doesn’t take long before Cami and her roommate Wyatt (Savana Tardieu – Darby and the Dead, Blood & Water) are sneaking around past curfew so it also doesn’t take long before Cami sees one of the other residents get disemboweled by that devil masked killer from the prologue. And that’s only because whoever’s under there plans on killing many more people than that. They’ve got an entire camp full of them surrounded by an electrified fence so it won’t be easy for Cami or any of her new friends to avoid becoming part of a very different body count. 

The plot of Killer Body Count combines elements of movies like Meatballs, Friday the 13th and House of Mortal Sin with a weaponized incense censer plus some other perversions thrown in for good measure this is the movie that wants to be an unrated, over the top exploitation film. And it delivers a fair amount of gore mostly practical effects but with some CGI blood added here and there. 

However it does get rather coy when sex comes into play you can show messy cuts but have to hide certain other parts no matter what’s going on around them; guy can soap his chest up in the shower but female nipples must remain covered at all times which is frustrating particularly in a movie that’s supposed to be about claiming and expressing your sexuality in face of violent repression by others.

The majority of the actors in Killer Body Count are South African and unknown, but they do their job well. However, sometimes a little too well, veering into scenery-chewing territory but always entertainingly so. They also manage to hide their accents, which goes a long way in helping the movie convince us this is happening in America. That may seem like a small thing to point out, but I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen ruined by an obvious English accent or equally obvious non-US license plates on cars. At least here they remembered to slap a California plate on Cami’s dad’s car.

Ultimately, it’s a fun film that delivers on effects; you’ll be able to guess much of how it plays out, but it does have some surprises up its sleeve as well. This isn’t Esterhazy’s best that will probably always be The Banana Splits Movie, which truly is wonderfully gruesome but it’s another enjoyable way to kill some time with her. Not something I can say for a lot of Tubi Originals.

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