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Romantic comedies have been popular for the previous weeks, but now the audience is interested in science fiction movies. “Atlas” starring Jennifer Lopez was a leader in terms of views among all Netflix shows over these days. But there has been no change at the top of most trending series. In fact, this costume saga still rules here – and it returned with its third season successfully. It also brought back interest to the past episodes – first season with Phoebe Dynevor had topped it all up early on. What other suggestions did viewers from around the globe fall in love with and make it to list of their most viewed Netflix titles? Discover below.

Top Netflix Movies Worldwide: May 20-26, 2024

A Simple Favor

Stephanie is an adorable yet rather innocent young mother for whom crossing a road at a red light is deemed as extreme debauchery and risk taking. On the contrary, Emily is beautiful, independent and successful woman who enjoys living her life to the fullest.. They got acquainted at school when their children enrolled into one single class and turned out to be best friends immediately after that. Stephanie agreed to pick Emily’s son from school because friends should always support each other. If only Emily never disappeared without any explanation forgetting about her baby’s presence! And this happened not once during several days… The helpful neighbor decides she will look for his missing wife together with Emily’s husband who happens to be good-looking guy named Sean Townsend . However soon she will find out how little she knew about her friend…

Ice Age: Collision Course

Maniek mammoth, Sid sloth, Diego tiger and others surviving inhabitants of herd are forced to leave their home because cosmic cataclysm threatens entire world.

Golden Kamuy

Outcasts from society and deserters are fought by a war veteran and Ainu girl on Hokkaido’s outskirts. Their tattoos contain the key to some treasure.

Sing 2

Introverted star Clay Calloway must be convinced by Buster Moon and his musically talented friends to join their new production’s premiere.


After a series of disturbing events, a teenager under house arrest begins to suspect that his neighbor is a serial killer and starts spying on him.

Mother of the Bride

Lana’s daughter Emma returns home from abroad only to discover she is getting married in Thailand in a month. And as if this weren’t enough Lana finds out that the mysterious boy her daughter fell in love with is the son of man who broke her heart many years ago…

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Maniek and others from herd find themselves among predatory yet funny dinosaurs dwelling in the lost world. One of tyrannosaurs has some unresolved problems with Sid though. While beautiful Squirrel attracted certain squirrel, does she want to win its heart…?

Thelma The Unicorn

A pony who sings and dreams about fame becomes famous after transforming into a shiny unicorn. However being an actor, it’s all about life without any restrictions.

However, when things go out of hand, the only way to save humanity from AI is by working together with it. Atlas Shepherd ( Jennifer Lopez ), a brilliant but bitter data analyst who mistrusts artificial intelligence, joins the mission to capture a rebellious robot with which she shares a secret that links them back in the past.

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