Reunion (2024)

Reunion Review

Reunion (2024)

Reunion is a movie that was directed by Chris Nelson. This comedy thriller whodunit, “Reunion” tries to cash in on the success of “Knives Out,” but fails due to a lack of confidence in the writing especially during the first half. But then again, in the latter part where it reveals who does what and why shiver runs down our spines because it had been designed so cunningly. Creating a good whodunit lies in hiding the killer’s intentions well enough for there be an interesting twist at all points of this process until we finally find out who did it. Unfortunately here though, people are just too smart for their own good sometimes; therefore making things obvious long before they happen or should have happened.

Well now let me take you through the plot which led to Mathew being killed.

Reunion (2024) Plot Summary and Movie Synopsis:

Evan waits in his police car for Ray when he is invited to join their high school friend Mathew’s reunion party. Mathew is from a rich family and has become richer over time as well as more famous. A car speeds past them while Evan is playing word games on his phone which Ray quickly stops him from doing telling him that since he is a police officer then it’s his duty to follow that car and bring it to halt.

When Evan sees who drives that car, he remembers her name is Jasmine from high school and she’s also going to Mathew’s place this evening; Ray recognizes her too having seen her earlier before Evan arrived there with such speed. They go together towards Mathew’s house where they find other old friends like Megan

What Awkward Events take place at the Party?

Jasmine starts spending most of her time with Evan since none of her friends are single anymore or share same interests as she does so there’s no one else left whom she can talk about these things with. At some point during the night Ray gets into an argument with Megan which escalates into a big fight on the dance floor; Ray used to date Megan but now that he sees her getting close to Mathew it makes him very jealous.

So when Megan walks away angry from their confrontation, Evan tries telling Ray that it was all his fault because he started pissing her off in first place. At this moment a strange woman approaches Evan and says he’s one of good guys from High School therefore safe but must entertain himself for what is about to happen next – then few seconds later same lady introduces herself as Vivian to everyone.

Vivian claims that back in school nobody ever believed she would amount to anything in life but now look at her (for success according Vivian means wearing shoes worth 62 dollars). They see she’s drunk and emotional so they allow her speak foul words about Mathew whom she curses for always mocking how she looked back then before giving some names which hurt her feelings too much.

What happens to Mathew?

At high point of the party, suddenly the lights go out and Mathew takes Evan with him to fix it. Then Mathew shows Evan the bear costume he is going to wear for the party. There is a storm coming so everyone leaves except Evan, Ray, Jasmine, Amanda, Vivian and their old history teacher Theodore Buckley. The next morning Jasmine finds Mathew dead on his bed and screams her lungs out.
Evan and others rush over there and Amanda points finger at Vivian because she has been acting weird since she came to the party. Then people start pointing fingers at each other when Evan takes control of the situation and tells everyone to calm down. Landline isn’t working and no reception inside the house maybe because of last night’s storm so Evan decides to stay inside until landline service comes back then they can call for help.

What role does Amanda play in this Murder?

Evan and Ray go back to Mathew’s room to close window that has been open since last night, whole house getting cold but they find bullet holes in wardrobe. Later Evan finds Megan’s body outside house. Evan tells everyone that they have to find weapon first if they want to find killer which brings us into a situation where we see Amanda trying to destroy video cassette.

Later everyone learns that contents inside video cassette were recorded by Mathew himself in past events; now they believe that since Amanda needs this content destroyed then she had perfect motive for killing him though later on she says someone was blackmailing her about that tape too so it could be possible.If she cuts power at specific time during party then blackmailer wouldve told her about cassette.

Soon after Jasmine discovers that Mathew was defrauding many people who trusted them with their savings including Theodore Buckley himself which means he also has a reason to kill him off plus Jasmine being sent here by her media agency investigate case there are multiple persons having motives against Matthew.

Also during his high school days Evan used be great player and could easily get selected for bigger prospect but one day before crucial game Mathew tackled him so badly that he failed as sportsperson. Now Mathew is successful in life but on the other hand Evan is just a police officer who hardly meets his ends. However nobody among these guys has got courage to take away someone’s life since all of them appear coming from humble backgrounds.

Reunion (2024) Movie Ending Explained:

Who is the Killer?

At the film’s end, Evan finds Ray’s shoe next to the footprint outside and earlier Megan’s earrings were found in his pocket too. Ray says he doesn’t want Megan involved because no matter how much he hates her, she can’t kill Mathew. But since he doesn’t explain anything about the shoe and Jasmine has been attacked by the killer last night already, everyone has no choice but to give Ray up to the police. The landline works fine now, and so is Lisa along with the authorities at home.

Nonetheless, Ray suddenly grabs the gun from one of the cops and asks everybody to sit quietly as now he knows who really murdered Mathew. During the power cut, Lisa comes back to the house thanks to Amanda and keeps herself hidden until she confronts Mathew; who is about to wear bear costume for party. She shoots him right before that happens. Then later on she finds Megan inside of closet because after her fight with Ray she decides make out with Mathew and waits for him while seeing Lisa shooting.

Now there’s only one question left behind which is why? Why did Mathew get killed? Lisa had an accomplice all along with that being Evan according to Ray. Evan was having an affair with Lisa; they planned on killing Mathew together, taking all money then leaving forever afterward. Evan takes off his shoes put them on Ray wears them puts Megan’s body outside house in back of car. Both have their reasons for wanting him dead however much closer we see Evan say at end of movie that he finally got chance be someone in life.

So maybe it was jealousy and anger that drove Evan into planning Matthew’s murder because let’s face it; Evan never got opportunity become successful player where else could blame but himself? Maybe this is why falls love with Lisa first place because somewhere down line always felt like should’ve lived same life as Mathew. But for these reasons are still unclear, but it’s probably just his lifestyle that made her do such drastic measures.

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