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Slay Review

Slay (2024) is a Tubi Original that I think all fans of horror-comedy should watch. If you’re also into drag queens, this one’s like absolutely nothing else you’ve seen before. I mean it stars RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise alumni Heidi N Closet, Cara Melle, Trinity the Tuck, and Crystal Methyd.

The story begins in a fabulous and rainbow-filled Camper Van where four drag queens are on their way to their next booking. Unfortunately, they never get there because a booking mistake (the Bold Buck instead of Bold Tuck) has them performing for a very different kind of crowd.

They end up in a bar full of bikers and are about to leave when both the owner and probably the only two (out!) queer people in this small town show up, and they are thrilled to see them but more importantly getting paid so the show must go on.

But not for long as vampires show up to ruin the show – suddenly the bikers look quick to look to the queens to save the day. And save it they do there really isn’t an alternative if they want to survive.

On-screen text explains that most of the budget went toward special effects we’re talking practical effects and things happening off screen so whenever something seems a bit strange (and trust me it does), you can bet one of these characters will comment on it too.

There are so many easy comparisons to iconic movies here even though they’re all cult vampire films and most of them are name-dropped in ‘Slay’ anyway just know this is both very much a horror AND comedy at all times throughout its runtime.

To best describe it though I would say this is The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of The Desert meets From Dusk Till Dawn with the actual characters feeling more inspired by To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar.

As usual, the drag queen names are amazing. Slay (2024) has “Mama Sue Flay” (Trinity The Tuck), “Robin Banks” (Heidi N Closet), “Bella Da Boys” (Crystal Methyd), and “Olive Wood” (Cara Melle). Pro tip: say them out loud.

Blade is a horror movie that you would want to wear what outfit to fight vampires in? And Twilight is mentioned in Slay as, of course, the vampires aren’t as pretty as in that vampire franchise. Which is disappointing for our drag queens who are already feeling like they’re not where they belong.

Most of the vampires are bikers who are neither young nor fit. That being said, a lot of them are much more open minded than you would expect. To a point.

Given how often bikers have supported the LGBTQ+ community when the Westboro Baptist Church protested in truly despicable ways, I feel like this makes a lot more sense than people might think.

Jem Garrard wrote and directed Slay on Tubi and I’m so glad this movie exists. Here’s also a statement from writer-director Jem Garrard about why this story was chosen for the horror comedy:

“At a time when hate and intolerance towards the LGBTQ+ community is on the rise, I wanted to write a horror comedy with heart that showcased drag queens and queers as the heroes,” Jem Garrard said and then continued with: “Drag queens have always been a symbol of resistance and resilience, so seeing them kick-ass against a bunch of blood-sucking vampires felt like a comical, yet pointed allegory.”

All true but this doesn’t mean it will be good so I had no idea what to expect. Luckily it was good. In fact – second only to the beautiful production quality and awesome one-liners – the camp and kitsch is off the charts.

Who am I kidding, the fabulous camp and kitsch in Slay is second to none! Don’t miss it.

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