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The Actor Review

The Actor can be a rollercoaster ride that makes you laugh and want to see it again.

The Actor is a film for those who desire movies from an easier time in American cinema. It taps into the energy, pacing, and sounds of the 90s and early 2000s with familiar and deep tracks from the band “Collective Soul” pulsing through the film’s soundtrack. Characters often make references to pop culture around Hollywood nostalgia when people were going to the theater more or less to get away from their lives for a while. also Writer/Director Richard Blake clearly loves classic filmmaking from even earlier times in the 70s and early 80s with long tracking shots and big sweeping panoramic transitions with little to no green screen or visual effects on display here. In short, it’s shot like a movie.

“Hunter soon finds himself pushed beyond the edge of his own moral compass”

The Actor follows Hunter Durbin a struggling compulsive “do-gooder” as he navigates auditions, survival jobs, and the sprawling demographic of daily life in Los Angeles – does he have what it takes? After years of bit roles on TV shows and countless casting calls Hunter stumbles across a large suitcase full of money. Desperate for fame & fortune more desperate to pay his rent he decides to keep it for himself this time around, The violence, stack of lies & consequential tornado that follows him are unrelenting and more importantly entertaining! He is pushed beyond his own moral compass quickly compromising all that he once thought was “just & true”.

The landscape of this film changes somewhat from the iconic streets of Hollywood over desert highway into buzzing downtown metroplex North Texas the film has some fun with itself by slightly nodding at both CA & TX stereotypes along the way while still managing to feel like an engaging slow burn thriller. This movie is fused together with an energetic rock soundtrack and boasts a surprise ending that pays off the film’s opening scene it plays like a rock concert performance displaying both high and low tempoed hits until building up to the final act.

“The Actor explores the difficulties of staying true to yourself”

The Actor is about how hard it can be sometimes to stay true to who you are and what you believe deep down in your heart when the world rejects you, tempts you, or steals your joy through comparison. With a wide range of colorful characters played by such talented actors as Melissa Archer, Shelia Houlahan, Major Dodge & Donny Boaz – the humor, moral conflict & nostalgia within The Actor take you on a ride that will leave you entertained and wanting more if not for the further discovery of details missed upon first viewing…then simply for the soundtrack.

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