The Manifestation (2024)


The Manifestation Review

The Manifestation is a reality bending thriller that is stylishly written and directed by Geert Heetebrij. To call it simply a thriller is an understatement, it defies classification. This is due to the fact that the filmmaker distorts the established reality within the film itself. Some scenes are more creepy than others, filled with a heady mix of supernatural and psychological horror. It’s a genre flick of a whole different stripe, one that cuts without drawing blood.

It follows Stephen (Jack Kesy), who makes all the wrong trades on wall street and is about to lose everything. All of the money he had secretly taken from accounts he shared with his wife Roni (Inbar Lavi) has disappeared. He pleads with his financial guru Michael (Usman Ally) for some coaching sessions to help him get back on track, but instead Michael cuts him off metaphorically kicking Stephen out of the nest so he can learn how to fly.

Stephen uses what Michael taught him about visualizing and manifesting his dreams as Veronika (Lavi) an imaginary stock consultant who looks like his wife when they met her hair red as fire and twice as ruthless. When all of Veronika’s tips pay off, he lets her talk him into stealing Roni’s student loan money to dump into the market. Roni is furious, especially after she learns how Stephen lost their other funds; their relationship strained as ever while Veronika continues growing in importance as Stephen’s success secret whispering in his ear becoming more real to him than anyone else…

“We need more features like The Manifestation.” Heetebriji hits full speed right away with this instantaneously relatable premise unfurled like a pirate flag in zero seconds flat turns out bread and butter stuffs like home finances can be big engagement engines, too often are left out of cinematic stories which is bullshit because day-to-day survival is the most universally identifiable theme ever. The scene compositions are crystal clear and so sharp-looking throughout. The director follows two of the golden rules for a successful indie film right out of the gate waste no time; look good. The creamy topping is Drew Denton’s fantastic electronic score. Your eyebrows will rise and fall with Denton’s waves of seraphic melody.

Lavi shines in her dual role. Yes, it’s just a red wig that separates the two, but hot damn there could not be less in common between them. Veronika practically radiates cold evil energy from beneath her flaming moon, while Roni is a genuine lady with real reactions to all this sh*t going down. Lavi gives each persona everything she’s got, creating two separate impressions of this actress to remember by.

Most movies rip throats out, but few rip at the underpinnings of existence so savagely as this one does I’m still rolling the ending over in my head because it won’t stop freaking me out; it’s as mysterious and confounding a finale as Videodrome’s was This intriguingly chilling indie-wonder aims high and hits several intriguing twists along its way

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