Calamity Jane (2024)

Calamity Jane Review

Calamity Jane (2024)

In this evaluation, I’ll make an attempt not to reference Arrow of The CW too often. It is because; Calamity Jane stars Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell who constitute one among my personal favorite couples within the Arrowverse. Oliver and Felicity had such great chemistry that fans shipped them very hard until they became lovers within the show. So it’s nice seeing these two actors together again even more so in a Western, which isn’t something we see too much of these days. But how was Calamity Jane?

Martha Jane Canary (Emily Bett Rickards) is best known as being one of the most famous female gunslingers during the Wild, Wild West times. In Calamity Jane, we see her superhero origin story as she embarks on a revenge mission after her recently wedded husband (and partner in crime) Wild Bill Hickok (Stephen Amell) gets shot dead at poker game and she has to break out of custody then track down and kill his murderer.

Calamity Jane starts with Sheriff Mason (Tim Rozon) escorting Jane to Deadwood for one of her crimes when their stagecoach is robbed by bandits. Although an outlaw herself, Jane is a “good” outlaw who helps the sheriff fight off the bandits killing them all in process but still ends up having to go to jail anyway because Mason’s a by-the-book lawman. Meanwhile back at Deadwood town: Wild Bill, her new husband, waits for her to be processed and released since he just bought a plot of land there for them both settle down on next chapter of their lives but while waiting decides blowing off some steam playing poker and drinking Unfortunately talks smack wrong guy who shoots him during card game.

While locked up she finds out about his death so immediately breaks out trying get justice done afterwards however husband’s killer guns lawman who thinks Jane did it thus forcing her into hiding chasing down the real murderer at same time leading to cat & mouse game between them throughout this 1hr 35mins movie till its explosive ending.

For those expecting a proper “Olicity” Arrowverse reunion, you may want to temper your hopes for Calamity Jane. Stephen Amell’s appearance is more of a cameo than anything else with him and Emily Bett Rickards sharing about 10 minutes worth of screen time before he dies in film ironically one few movies lately that has “reverse fridge” where male character (Wild Bill) dies in service female’s development rather being used as motivation only, Speaking character development there isn’t much in here either but given what she’s got script-wise Emily does good job treading water between shootouts as Calamity Jane.

Calamity Jane is a “Tubi Films Original” which, because of the fact that Tubi is often made fun of on social media for their terrible scripts and production quality in the form of jokes and memes, I am sure will make some eyes roll as soon as the banner shows up at the beginning of this movie. But it actually has very good production value. They made this film look like it belongs on premium streaming services when really it’s just another free streaming service. Surprisingly, Calamity Jane was not released on Tubi; rather, it had a theatrical and VOD release. However, like most things that pop up on Tubi, the script isn’t strong and there are long stretches where it feels like nothing is happening – no “anything” of value anyway. Emily Bett Rickards and Tim Rozon do fine performances as stated. The film also takes artistic liberty with her real-life story so maybe instead of being about Jane they should’ve made it about some fictitious female gunslinger or something.

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