Cocorico (2024)

Cocorico Review

Cocorico (2024)

The first-ever on-screen reunion of French comedy’s two pillars, Christian Clavier and Didier Bourdon, in Cocorico can be seen (again) on DVD and VOD from June 6, 2024.

French cinema offers a long-awaited association between two giants of comedy. Christian Clavier and Didier Bourdon star in Cocorico. Directed by Julien Hervé, who made himself known with Le Doudou and contributed to the Les Tuche saga, this film is bursting with hilarious moments. With the participation of Sylvie Testud and Julien Pestel among others, Cocorico arrives with great pomp. Released on February 7th in theaters, it is expected to be available on DVD and VOD from June 6th.

Cocorico plunges us into the daily life of two families that could not be more different. The Bouvier-Sauvages high aristocracy and the Martins middle-class are forced together by their children’s upcoming marriage. Things take an unexpected turn when the bride-to-be presents her parents with DNA tests as a wedding gift! The results reveal unsuspected family ties that will sow disorder and laughter in their wake.

Influenced by both family comedies for all audiences and social misunderstandings, Cocorico addresses a wide range of viewership. The main appeal of this film stems from its cast members’ history together Christian Clavier & Didier Bourdon have never appeared side-by-side before now but they represent iconic figures within French comedic circles. Moreover, such promises often make one think about modern comic classics which examine light-heartedly various aspects concerning families or social identities.

Tradition meets modernity head-on when these two legends finally come face-to-face under Julien Hervé’s direction during what promises to become an iconic cinematic moment shared either at your local theater or soon available for home viewing pleasure via DVD / VOD format. For those who love French twists and turns with laughter along the way this is a must see!

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