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Creature horror movies set in space have hit an all-time low in terms of popularity and quality since the Aliens franchise had back-to-back failures last decade. Unfortunately, Matt Woollard’s Light only contributes to this downward spiral by being lazily written. It fails to deliver on a strong ending despite having a good concept and a few moments that shine through due to its tight, atmospheric treatment of the story ultimately turning everything into a mess.

How Did Samira And Tallie Get To Know Each Other?

Light is set in an unspecified far future where humans have become space travelers and colonizers. At the start of the movie, Samira Grey – who is a citizen of Allied Earth – crash lands her capsule on Krake, a foggy and treacherous planet. Samira and her son Luccas were passengers aboard Utopia II, which was one of many ships used to colonize new worlds. They get separated when the ship breaks apart for unknown reasons, and she escapes in an individual pod along with some other survivors. Her capsule seems to have taken critical damage during landing, forcing her to wear spacesuit and use oxygen canisters.

Samira tries reaching out for Luccas using scanning device integrated into her suit but without any success. This is because Krake has very dense atmosphere that makes visibility almost zero even at close range it’s hard to see anything beyond couple inches away from face. On minimal budget, makers did great job with limiting the surroundings so that it looks haunting yet surreal at the same time as environment changes color throughout different stages of day. Bioluminescent organisms are seen hovering nearby while Samira keeps open comms with Luccas, once they disperse quickly she gets scared by presence of predatory alien attracted by lights around itself. She hides herself from it hastily but then loses consciousness after sensing something lurking nearby.

Meanwhile isolated on krake too Tallie Zima talks to her father Avel who has landed far away from her and uses locator Northstar beam in order for him to reach his position. Through their communication device Tallie realizes that Avel has also found a boy inside an escape capsule and is trying to know about his background. Samira overhears this conversation and believes that the boy is none other than her son Luccas. She warns Tallie about the lights just in time for her to escape safely, then asks her again to warn Avel about them but as she does so something attacks him on the other side and his comm goes silent. Samira inquires about Tallie’s son but neither of them knows what’s happening on opposite sides.

Did Samira Find Her Son?

In the film, Samira talks to Tallie through communication devices. She gives the name Niu to Tallie as her own identity. Uncertain about Luccas’ destiny, Samira makes up her mind to carry on searching for him and denies Tallie’s suggestion of finding out where she is which would be a waste of her limited supply of oxygen in canisters. Instead, she tells Tallie to search for her because it is dangerous if one stays in one place on this planet.

When they are walking through the misty and dark land, Samira and Tallie have some talks with each other. According to Tallie, all her life has been spent on spaceships or stations and she has never set foot on an alien world until Krake where she crashes by mistake though she still wonders why they have landed on a planet that has seen so many previous expeditions end in death? It comes as a surprise when she finds Perla an incredibly valuable substance inside the feces of some indigenous creature which explains why EDF (Earth Defense Force) keeps sending people here despite its hostility. She also mentions that Laura, Luccas’ mother who died during deep space mining operations somewhere else from earth might have been another reason for settling down there by Samira.

In the course of her journey through space in the dark, Samira gets a call from Tallie who survived the attack and tells her she has found Luccas. She follows the flashing light signal to meet with Tallie but realizes that the capsule is empty. This is because she wanted to double-cross Samira having been brought to the planet purposely by EDF for slaughter and she can only live if she uses whatever resources Samira has. An unexpected statement comes from Tallie when she says that EDF destroyed Utopia II to use the passengers for their own monetary gain but this does not get explained until end credits scene. As Tallie points a gun at her head demanding oxygen tank, Sam tricks her and escapes but later on collapses due to fatigue where she falls into unconsciousness only then to be captured by unknown people dressed in black who put lights around her as bait for predator.

She wakes up later on breaks free from restrains and runs into safety until she meets a kid in space suit thinking it’s Lucas. Isaac whose name we learn was taken care of by Avel before he died unfortunately Samira mistook him for someone else leading astray of pointless searches. Realization hits hard when disappointedly accepting that perhaps Luccas did not make it after all thus been haunted by ghosts throughout.


Also used as decoy like Samira, Isaac too had become a prey for those dressed in black and was quickly set loose after being spotted by his associate in crime. But what scared me most happened next when I noticed them drawing near our hideout it unveiled itself as an enormous serpent-like alien creature! At one point out nowhere appears again distracting monster saving both lives then keeps pointing gun at my head demanding air while beast returns back once more so without any logic behind decides giving up my life would save others leaving Isaac with her however trusting last minutes believing there could be some good inside this woman. Samira gets swallowed by the animal which leaves Tallie confused and devastated who takes off running with Isaac.

Tallie was left with no other choice than to talk to the EDF rescue ship about where they should get her. In doing so, she gives Isaac an oxygen tank on her way over. But before they can be saved, some weird people in black clothes attack them and Tallie can’t fight them off. Just as the EDF ship comes for Samira, those guys arrive and a security officer scares the predator away with a high-pitched noise emitter. The part that makes no sense is when the operator tells them to let Tallie go but take Isaac; however, as they are taking Tallie into their ship she tries saving him but it doesn’t work out. While leaving with EDF ships surrounding them attackers use light trap round Isaac up as bait for predator which causes sad Tallie cries because she thinks about what will happen to this child now. At last moments Perla ore cracks open on planet surface revealing human skull inside thus clearing most confusion about movie ending.

The creature that eats humans on Krake and poops valuable stuff known as Perla (which can make one rich quick), was used by these bad guys as an income-generating alien pet for the Earth Defense Force (EDF). Also tallie didn’t think wrongly when she said that they were abandoned there intentionally by EDF forces who wanted to use them as lures for this extraterrestrial ‘goldmine’ even if Samira had not died still all three wouldn’t have been rescued by E.D.F Another thing we do not understand happens during final minutes where Samira mentions something about Luccas having landed at Krake which is the only time he gets mentioned in entire film.What happened then? Was he ever stuck in krake like his mother?

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