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Ten years after a hard-earned peace, former criminal brothers and sisters are pulled back into their dangerous past lives. They are forced to embark on a heart-stopping heist by the blackmail of a notorious gangster, where old grudges reignite and a shocking family tragedy resurfaces. As they become engulfed in the shadows of their criminal history, loyalty will be tested and only the smartest can survive. Will they outsmart their merciless enemy and protect the family or will this desperate task tear them apart forever?

Movie Review

After Sheriff: Narko Integriti’s astounding success, another movie that I am keen to watch is The Experts. Yes, I already saw some potential during the media screening for Sheriff itself when I watched the trailer. So when Astro Shaw invited me for its premiere, of course I said yes!

Is it as good as Sheriff or what I expected it to be?

A heist has been successfully planned by Farid the eldest in a family of five. After laying low for ten years and living off-grid without spending any of their gold bars (to avoid getting caught), they started going out again.

Emma picks up Keyrol from prison after serving his 10 year sentence for aiding his father in a robbery case; Farid didn’t help him or visit once throughout but when they got home Keyrol shrugged off his apology saying it was water under bridge now so no point dwelling on it. However later tonight during dinner time while sharing inside information about next job from own experience during lockup period with him being clean since then too; He just said “We’re clean now” meaning no more involvement with such activities within this family anymore!

Keyrol doesn’t want to hear what Farid has to say because he thinks he knows best but gets caught anyway; To get him out Farid must agree assisting planning another heist of crowning ring owned by top gangster in town that would secure his release.

He once again plans a heist involving all of them but this time their lives are hanging on it. Farid will be the maestro, Keyrol is intelligence gathering, Emma is manipulation expert, Amer handles disguises and Lan is hacking specialist.

Family gatherings always bring up history one way or another; And this family has a very ugly and nasty history that might make or break the family bond also the mission.


Plot: 4.5/5.0 There’s no way we can compare The Experts with Sheriff as these two movies are just too different from each other. Alongside the tagline Satu Rompakan Berkeluarga Terbesar, it combines thrilling action with comedy while still maintaining strong family ties.

The vibes I got from The Experts were like Leverage series, Oceans’ films and old Mission Impossible (not Ghost Protocol onwards). Loved it! Good job writers/producers!

Will I Watch It Again: Yes, I would. Anyone wanna come?

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